Diana Goldstein ( TOEFL – 109)

I took Kevin’s TOEFL preparation intensive course which lasted for four weeks. Along with the skills in solving the TOEFL tasks the course is aimed at memorizing and using sophisticated vocabulary, speaking and writing patterns. My TOEFL result of 109 points which satisfies the requirements of the most highly ranked universities worldwide. This fact has played a significant role in my admission for the desired Master’s courses in the UK, and namely to the London School of Economics and the University College London.

Ksenia Bondarenco (GMAT-760)

If you think that the GMAT was designed to turn your brain into liquid, you’re probably right. But if you believe all those books that say it’s not beatable – you can’t be farther from truth.
(For some reason a lot of people are especially intimidated by the Verbal section of the GMAT; in reality it’s not harder than GMAT Math. There are patterns in everything, including GMAT Verbal. Your task is to learn to recognize them.)

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